• Sleek, stylish design that looks like you’re wearing a Smartwatch
  • Special sonic waves emit sound at a frequency that bugs hate
  • No more sticky bug sprays or toxic chemicals

Active Protection From Mosquitos

Ultrasonic Repellant That Keeps You & Your Family Safe


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2 days ago

The problem was fixed!

My family comes home from every camping trip just covered in mosquito bites. I try to use bug spray, but it’s messy and sometimes I forget it at home. This summer, I got a mosquito bracelet for everyone in the family and sure enough, the problem was fixed.

Sharon E.

United States
4 days ago

Tested and proven!

It seems like even sitting inside I end up with bug bites. I guess I’m just ‘one of those people’ that mosquitos love. Anyway, I tried a mosquito bracelet and I’ve been really surprised by how well it works.

Greg G.

United States

See Our FAQs

Is it safe for kids?

Since the mosquito bracelet doesn’t contain chemicals and the wristband is adjustable, it’s great for kids as well as parents. Get a mosquito bracelet for every member of the family for around the clock protection.

How do I charge the device?

Charging the mosquito bracelet is simple. Just pop the device out of the wristband and connect it to the charging cable. With one quick charge, the device can operate for another 130 hours.

What type of mosquito does the mosquito bracelet repel?

No matter where you live or travel to, the mosquito bracelet will deter pests. That’s because the sonic frequencies that the bracelet uses are designed to deter all types of pests. That includes all species of mosquito as well as other biting bugs like ticks.

What colors are available?

The mosquito bracelet is available in two colors, black and white, to match any taste and style. You’ll love how sleek and subtle the mosquito bracelet looks, especially compared to other mosquito repellent products.

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